Tuesday, 6 March 2012

What a day...

You all probably remember all my woes with the tax man,well a shock came in the post today i a little white envelope. They had passed the debt on to a debt collection agency, who insisted that it be paid in 7 days
wtf ( excuse my language.)
OH phoned and gave permission for me to speak on his behalf and it was trauma all the way.
Phone tax office to ask why as we had stuck to our agreement and it was being paid every week, she was surprised and said she didn't have a clue and i would have to negotiate with the debt collection agency. Phoned them and spoke to a real jobsworth who wanted it paid off in 3 months and an instant payment of £500,he finally agreed on a slightly lower figure spread over the month,I said i didn't agree with the amount and he said it was a figure given to them on 20th feb and i would have to contact HMRC to get them to change it.
HMRC said the agency had to contact them and they would give them the correct figure. Back on phone to agency and spoke to a lovely woman, i explained i felt the figure given was unrealistic and she was as nice as pie, settled for the lower figure of what i normally pay and said just pay more if and when i can.

Cant wait to get this off our backs,
Decided after sorting this out to sort a few other things out.
I queried a builders merchant that Oh owes too , asked how much he owed and what the dates of the last invoices that had been added to the account and just by him going back the last 18 months 6 invoices had been added to the account totalling £1014.OH has not been in this merchant for nearly 3 years!!!!
The man i spoke to is going to speak to his boss in the morning to see about getting these removed and send me a statement showing all outstanding monies and all payments made so i can cross check them.

Lastly mobile phone bill. overcharged by £4.50 on an £18 bill.

You have to keep on your toes with all these people,before i started to be so aware i dread to think how much we overpaid on things.

phew that was some rant.

Hope you all had a better day than me
until later


  1. errgh! sounds like a right headache- hope it gets sorted. we suffered at the hands of Virgin you definably have to be on the ball with these companies x

  2. Blimey what a day! No wonder you were hacked off.

    Glad things are getting sorted now though.

    X x

  3. Could it have been any more complicated...all that worry.
    Jane x

  4. Hang in there! Just think in a few months time it will all be paid off, at least you are keeping a close eye on things x

    1. thanks
      newgirly,thats what keeps me going, i can see the finish line,just need to jump those hurdles in my way