Tuesday, 27 March 2012

New Layout

My blog has changed to the new layout,not sure if i like it.....
DD had physio today,she has now been told she is doing too much and that's why her ankle keeps swelling.Lots of new exercises t be done and back again in just over 2 weeks.

Granddaughters were around tonight and once again we had a BBQ which the little ones enjoyed and lots of playing in the garden

Mia waiting for anything to drop.

,Its such a shame that the temperature is going to go back to normal at the weekend.

Baked some cheese and onion bread this evening and it was delicious,Not good for the waistline though.

Hope you are all well
welcome to my new followers


  1. Whenever Blogger "improves" things it takes me age to feel comfortable with it.
    Jane x

  2. I shall be sad when the weather gets back to normal, my brain has been tricked into thinking its summer, BBQ's in march,weird!

    1. It is weird,sitting in the garden and no leaves on the trees

  3. I too am enjoying this stunning weather and will be gutted when it returns to the wet windy weather we are used too.

    We tried to make onion bread last night but thd onion pieces didn't drop into the mixture. Not sure why.

    X x

  4. I like your new layout! I just cant bear the new word verification process and I know some people have taken it off but it is such a pain trying to make out what the words say.
    The bread looks really yummy.My downfall is bread and butter I'm afraid!