Thursday, 29 March 2012

Today i managed to secure another private cleaning job and the good news is that i will now be able to give up the pub,The extra job is only for a couple of hours but monetary wise it earns me half what i get paid for doing Friday and Saturday at the pub.The wages i was on weren't bad but the tax on the 2nd job was a killer.
I hope I'm doing the right thing and hope that i get one more customer so i break even.It will be nice to have weekends back.

This evening i attended a meeting at the village hall for the residence of my lane.We were flooded quite badly in 2007 and part of the problem was sewerage pipes controlled by the Water authority.So an action group has been put together to try and get the problem sorted.
I have been volunteered to be part of the committee.eek

until later

ps have a look at the stars tonight they as well as the planets are really clear.Venus and Jupiter are very close to the Moon.Its hard to get your head round how many thousands of light years some of the stars are away.


  1. Didn't I say that I had a feeling something better would turn up?!!
    Jane x

    1. you certainly did and im so glad you were right.x

  2. How lovely to get your weekends back. All work and no play makes for a very shattered lady! Trust me, I know first hand.

    X x