Monday, 5 March 2012

Evening all.

I worked all weekend so nothing much has happened in my life.
Yesterday the weather was horrible and i got absolutely soaked moving the bedding over to the hotel,

We had some family over for dinner last night which was lovely. My eldest daughter popped in for a drink with her boyfriend, i knew of him but had never met him and I'm pleased to say he seems very nice and they are smitten with each other.As i have said before my daughter had been estranged from most of the family for a number of years so to have her under my roof and introducing us to her man was wonderful.
She was very keen to find out what we thought of him.

Heard on the news that banks are going to start putting up mortgage rates which is a bit gutting as we are on a low rate and it means i have been able to plough a bit extra into paying it off.Hope it doesn't come into affect too quickly....
Wouldn't it be lovely to have no outlay apart from normal household bills,I'm literally counting down the days and months till this is the case.

I found out a bit more about the rewards scheme that my council will be operating come April and have registered already. You get points every time yo u recycle, i manually enter that i have recycled now so not sure how they will know come April. You can then redeem this points for money off like £5 off when you spend £25 at M & S and a free bar of lush soap( which i have ordered)

I always like getting something for little effort....

A few of my seeds are starting to come through in the propagator, I'm hoping to have the time and inclination to have a bumper crop this year. Now i have 3 freezers i have no excuse not to be able to freeze my crops to last over part of the Winter.

Has anyone else started planting yet all be it indoors.?

Until later


  1. No planting for us yet, we need to leave the veggy patch for one year to concentrate on the house....I keep thinking of how much fruit and veg will cost us.
    Jane x

  2. We've brought liars of seeds today ready to plant later in the week. Can't wait.

    X x

  3. I haven't planted any seeds yet but the potatoes are chitting and the garlic, onions and shallots are all in little pots and growing away nicely- think I'm going to leave it another week before I start - Take care xx