Friday, 23 March 2012

Im Still here...

Been busy the last couple of days,so haven't had the chance to blog or read much.
Wednesday i picked my eldest daughter up from work and went and got colour for my hair. I cooked dinner for her and she coloured and put a few subtle highlights through my hair.Back in the day DD started training to be a hairdresser, she passed the colouring side and then decided it wasn't for her.It was lovely having her around and to see my 2 daughters just chatting.
Yesterday apart from work i had to pick youngest DD up from school early and take her to DR'S and hospital for an xray.Her ankle is still causing her so many problems.

Yesterday evening we were invited up to my sons for dinner,he cooked lasagna and it was the nicest lasagna i had eaten,Alot better then mine.We looked at the pics they took in Iceland and heard how they wish to go back later in the year.Lovely evening.

You all must know by now i love something for free or at least a coupon well yesterday it was free teabags.In the town i live in we are the 1st place in the UK to have interactive adverts on bust stops.Near the hospital i saw one saying free teabags at Morrison's. You scan a box next to the advert (down loadable app) go into the supermarket they give you a pin number and hey presto 40 free Tetley teabags.Apparently you will be able to get free music,tickets and money off at different times.
I'm at the pub today and really don't want to go would love to spend the day in the garden as I'm missing out on all this glorious weather we are having.

Hope you are all well
until later

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  1. Sounds like you look very glam now. Its fab spending time with your girls isn't it?

    Have a good weekend.

    X x