Saturday, 17 March 2012

Lovely day

Even though my day started really early its been a nice day.

Youngest daughter started work at 6am. We then had to pick eldest daughter up and take her to the train station She was off to Devon To meet up with her boyfriend,I needed to make sure she got on the correct train as from previous experience  she doesn't always manage it.
We then went to our sons, who made us tea and breakfast. After breakfast we loaded the cases in the car to as we were driving them to Heathrow as they are flying to Iceland.

We then drove to Tesco to get rid of some aluminium cans and then on to Home Bargains both of these are only a couple of miles from the airport.
Managed to pick up some good bargains ,especially planter bags.

And to top it all in the post today was my pin code from Adsense, I'm well pleased.

Hope your day was good
until later


  1. Glad you had a better day today.Not quite sure what the pin number means for adsense but glad you managed some bargains.Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Morning Anne,The pin number i have been waiting for ,for about 4 weeks,I can now be paid for every time someone clicks on the adverts as my account was completely verified.
      For me these means i have a little bit more to chip away at the dents with and hopefully 1 step closer to being debt free.
      Ive missed doing things at the weekend so im savoring every minute of it.
      Hope you have a fantastic Mothers day,Mine has started off brilliantly already.