Saturday, 31 March 2012

Day Out

Yesterday my son came around ours for tea with the girls.We decided to have a BBQ and then an an Easter egg hunt as the girls are going with mum to Scotland to stay with Grandma.That's the side thing about breakdown in relationships you don't always get to see your grandchildren on holidays.
The Easter egg was fun and both the girls loved it.

This morning bright and early my in laws came over and we all set off to catch the train to London .I managed to get 6 free tickets to the Ideal Home show.The train worked out at £8.50 return each,I took drinks and snacks and we all enjoyed our day wondering around.

Easy journey home in time to take eldest daughter to the station for her train to the West Country.
A wonderful frugal day out.
Up early again in the morning as DD starts work at 6, then a bit later off to support DS doing his half marathon.

Until later

Blossom on tree.
 Easter egg hunt

 Ideal Home show

Jubilee cake competition

Mother in law being pampered(would you believe she is 73)


  1. MIL looks very glam! The cakes are great .
    Jane x

  2. I used to do a big Easter hunt when my girls were little. It was such fun. Glad your granddaughters enjoyed it.

    I wasn't to go to the ideal home show but was a little worried to drive all that way with this stupid petrol strike looming. (train fair from mine is far too expensive). Glad you guys enjoyed. Your MIL is very glamorous.

    X x

    1. We wouldnt have driven to London even though we are only 38 miles from the capital and i would never have paid to go to show.The trains were very busy yesterday so some good has come out of the petrol fiasco.Most garages in my area have signs saying they have run out.Im hoping they sort this mess out quickly as i havent stockpiled on fuel.....