Thursday, 15 March 2012

Im so annoyed

This morning my eldest daughter was coming with me to work as she wanted me to help book her train travel,after we had finished.
Whilst we were at the ticket office my phone kept ringing then text messages kept coming through.It was my 2 nd job trying to get hold of me...I rang back and wished i hadn't.
The conversation went along the lines of
" I have just been informed that you had asked to book holiday for this weekend"
Yes i  spoke to Rhona 3 weeks ago and she said she would make a note of it/
" I'm in charge of you why didn't you speak to me"
Because i rarely see you and wanted to give as much notice as i could.
" Well you shouldnt have spoken to Rhona ( shes a manager too) I have no one who can come in can you cancel your plans."
No I'm taking my son to the airport and Sundays mothers day, hence why i couldn't swap shifts as i knew i couldn't swap to anything.
" Well i can get cover for one day you will have to come in Sunday"
My daughter has something arranged for me
"well you will have to get it done as quick as possible"
Thanks alot.
Im being penalized due to lack of communication between two rival managers.

So now i have to work Sunday, my daughter is disappointed and i hope i haven't spoilt too many of her plans for me.
My OH wants me to tell the where to go but its not as easy as that.I wish i could,I have done so many favours for them lately for what.

Well rant over,I'm just going to keep my head down and not get involved with any of them, because not 1 of the bu**ers will do anything in return.
Hope your day was better than mine.


  1. What happens if people are sick? Do they cover them then?
    This is just bad management - if you want my advice, I would phone back and say thank you for the call, but you have thought it through and you are going to stick to the original arrangement. then put down the phone.
    Sod them - life's too short.

    1. Thats what ideally i would like to do but im not brave enough and would miss the money and..... my manager who i apparently should of told is away all weekend.

      Dont know what they would do if someone phoned in sick.

  2. Just a feeling that something better will come along....
    Jane x

  3. Sorry you've had such a bad day.

    X x

  4. Thats not right, its not nice to work in and environment where you are not treated in a fair way, is there chance of more freelance cleaning work locally as its so much easier to fit around your own schedule if you are ill etc. most people are very accomodating?

  5. I would definately not change my plans, it's their lack of communication not yours, you gave them enough notice -phone them back and say you can't cancel after all - what are they going to do ? it's their job to arrange cover, they're just bullying you - don't let them - I hate this sort of thing, but they can only get away with it if you let them.