Sunday, 11 March 2012

Spring has sprung...

As i have mentioned many times,today was my day off and i was so looking forward to it.

I did have a basket of ironing to do so not a full day off ...
I was up bright and Early, sowed some more seeds,1st load of washing in the machine...
Burnt my finger ( steam burn) ironing, it hurt....

Once i finished the ironing i went in the garden to jet wash the decking,attached new hose turned jet washer on  
and nothing
Changed fuse and still nothing, luckily my neighbor offered me hers so i was able to go over it once.



Will have to get one to do it again as i was paranoid i was going to break it.
It looks a lot better but needs a soapy scrub and then going over again.

Planted 6 raspberry canes so hoping they will thrive.

Went over to inlaws for dinner and it was delicious as normal.
Mil mad a cake from a different recipe,it had coke, marshmallows and cola bottles in it (not that you could taste any of them)

The day has whizzed by,
Hope you all had a fantastic Sunday.
Until later

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  1. Sounds like you had a very busy day. Your decking looks great. I need to do mine too. Hate it when its so slippy and slimy.

    That cake looks yummy even if it sounds strange ingredients.

    X x