Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Today was a payout day...a large chunk of money was paid to 2 debts(£275)
Its always hard when it comes out but lovely to see it come off the spreadsheet and snowball.
I'm still trying to sort out a few missing payments from OH's van loan,this is proving difficult.The woman i spoke to questioning the missing payments asked me "why did you pay £10 one day then £10 the next day"
erh i just wanted to pay it off.I have now had to photocopy the receipt and send it to them.

My day tomorrow is a bit easier ,one of my customers is unwell.Still have a busy day though but eldest dd is coming with me as she wants me to go with her to get train tickets for her trip to Devon this weekend.

May i ask a question, all you other bloggers that have the ads, how long did you have to wait for your pin to arrive after you were informed that your pin had been issued?

until later

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  1. I didn't receive the pin, so earlier I looked at the site and there is somewhere you can look for answers - then click to ask them to send again. You also have to do things like verify your address - I'll click while I am here xx