Saturday, 10 March 2012

Good morning all

Just wanted to pop by and say hello.
Early start today.DD started work at 6 am so I've just dropped her off.

I'm now just sitting in the glow of my solar lights,

we seem to be getting enough light during the day to charge them up for a fair while.Its pleasantly mild outside this morning 9 degrees so, i shall put some washing on in a mo and should be able to get that dry outside.

Until later


  1. I was just debating whether its worth hanging out the washing or not, I'm cross with my dryer as it melted both my boys dressing gowns yesterday, oops!
    Hope you have a good weekend and i remembered to do some clicks today x

    1. Oh dear, ive not used my drier for a long time...
      i need to get some washing dry, my water tank in the aring cupboard has leaked again, soaking wet towels. so they have all had to be washed and dried again.
      I have too many towels.....
      Have a great weekend and thank you...

  2. I have managed to get the first washing dry this year on our outside line! A gorgeous day.Enjoy your weekendX