Thursday, 8 March 2012

Life is busy

Didn't get time to post yesterday ,had a long day.
DD had a 6th form evening to talk us through the University process.This started at about 7 pm so i dropped her at her boyfriends just after 4 pm and went to the pub to do a few extra hours Ironing.Left pub at 6.40 and met my dd at school for the meeting.
DD is adamant she wants to go to the University in our town as she doesn't want to leave home.
Today as some of you might know was results day for the 1st lot of exams at AS level,she picked her results up this morning and she got B,C.C.
She only had exams in 3 subjects.She was pleased with the results but she wants to do better to make sure she gets on the course she wants.( She needs A,B.B) she is going to resit them in May.This is her choice but as her head of year said last night, you are going to get £45000 of debt so make sure you pick the course and University you want.She is going to make sure she gives it her best shot to get what she wants.

DD had to go to Dr's this afternoon to get her referral back to the Hospital for her flat feet, so sometime in the future we will be back to hospital for another round of appointments.

Managed to get to Tesco earlier and managed to get some of the chocolate bars i had read about on mse.
Lovely sales assistant put them through so i didn't have to scan them all and when i asked if i could grab some more she said no problem.
So i got a box full for 36p a 1p a bar(well 2 box full) and the y don't go out of date until September.

Hope you all have had a pleasant couple of days
until later

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  1. Gosh that was a bargain! I'm beginning to crave chocolate now, I wish easter would hurry as I've given it up for lent.

    My youngest had exam results today too. I don't know how they cope with all the stress of it!

    X x