Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Lovely evening

Today is Tuesday so the little one came for tea.Only one this week.
School activities and friends occasionally stop the big one from coming but that's how it should be.
We spent a little bit of time in the garden but it was a bit nippy.
So we came in and planted some seeds,Little one wanted to do her own so we have labelled her on little pots of peppers so we will watch them grow.

Dinner was chicken pie which was delicious even if i do say so myself.Food does not interest the little one but you have to try.

Its all quite again now,we all love Tuesday evenings.

We have been told there will be a hosepipe ban coming into force just before Easter, so its not worth me buying a pressure washer yet.
So Water buts are going to positioned in correct places so I'm not carrying watering cans all the way down the garden.
On the news yesterday they showed how dry the earth was and that some farmers aren't even going to plant some crops this year , so food prices are going to go up.
So definitely going to try and grow as much as possible this year.
So far i have sown
Peppers,chilli's,parsnips,Brussels,carrots,peas,lettuce,tomatoes.cabbage,spring onions,onions,potatoes and garlic.A little bit of everything started off, will do more again as they start to grow.

Off to catch up
until later


  1. Dinner does sound good - lol - have 'clicked' for you xx

  2. My conservatory is full of seeds too, lets hope they all grow.

    X x

  3. Crazy that a drought should exist in the UK. I remember the one in 1976..and the hot summer that went with it.
    Jane x