Sunday, 25 March 2012

It went really well...

Here's a brief explanation of how things went and how come this was the first time i met my brother.

Like a lot of families my mum and dad were married before they met each other, my mum had 4 children from her 1st marriage and my dad had 1 son.
I always knew about dads son but never questioned why he didn't see him.As i said before my parents died when i was in my very early 20's and it was then that i started questioning why i had never met Kieron.
It took me a number of years again to finally start researching my family tree .With the help of a newly found cousin i found details of his birth,requested his birth certificate to confirm it was the correct Kieron.Then the search began .I couldn't find him and virtually gave up.Every now and then i would search facebook to see if he popped up on there and low and behold 1 day he did.I sent a message to his partner saying i was researching my family tree and would she know the name of Kierons parents.She replied giving my dads name. I then as subtly as i could had to say i think im Kierons sister.Within seconds she asked for a contact number and Kieron rang me....
I have always said to people that i know my dad had flaws but i was only going to speak as i found and he was very good to me,i love him and nothing anyone could say would change that.
I was worried with Kieron though as my dad had left him,i will never know why and Kieron doesnt either but he holds no malice.
It turns out he lives in Ireland (ROI) but most of his partners family live in my hometown,my DD used to catch a bus to school with what would be a 2nd cousin and they knew each other.The family they stayed with live no joke a 2 minute drive from my house.
Well they came over yesterday to England and we were invite to a party to meet them. I was so nervous as i didnt feel this was the easiest circumstances to meet someone but we went,rang bell and heard someone call out Kieron your family are here.
They were all lovely , Kieron is the spitting image of my dad i will try and post a couple of pictures.And if im honest it was really sad because seeing Kieron stood in front of me was like looking at my dad the last time i saw him.

He didnt introduce me as his half sister i was his sister,which i loved,
So a brilliant evening and it we are all looking forward to meeting again.


  1. What a lovely story and so pleased it all worked out well for you. How great for you that Kieron thinks of you as his full sister. Hopefully you'll both have many more get-togethers.

  2. How lovely, I am really thrilled that you managed to get together.Families can be very complicated these days cant they?

  3. What a lovely post. It's a small world, isn't it.
    Love from Mum

  4. How lovely. I recently met a cousin for the first time through genes reunited. I left a message on there about 5 years ago asking if anyone knew my father and last December he contacted me!

  5. How wonderful for you both, glad it went well x