Monday, 26 March 2012

Simple things

I find that the sun always makes everything feel better.
Yesterday was a simple day, a little bit of work .Lunch out with DS and home for a bbq .BBQ put together by DD2 and food cooked by her boyfriend.Chimnea lit and then a leisurely tea and chat in the garden.
Didn't cost much but was very enjoyable.

We are currently having our lane dug up and a new drainage pipe laid to try and prevent the lane being flooded again.We have 2 workman doing the work from about 7.30 am till 4 pm.Before i go and when i get home ,i always offer them a drink,hot or cold,they are so grateful and out of about 21 homes in my lane im the ONLY person that offers it.
Well my kindness pays off as whilst everyone else couldn't get to there drives, they moved things,laid things down so i could park in my drive,They didn't even do that for my OH .( i can get out again)
Debt busting is still ongoing.Hoping i do get my adsense money next week so i can put a bit more into it.

Hope you are all well,im just going to catch up with all your lovely blogs and see how you have been spending your weekend.

Until later



  1. Ah, fun times! I'm sure the construction guys are thankful that someone takes the time.
    Jane x

  2. Aren't bbqs fabulous! and so glad you had such a great time with your bro
    thanks for comment on my blog
    Lenten Blessings x

  3. Looks like you had lovely time. It always amazes me that people don't offer a simple bit of kindness.

    X x

  4. How did you get on with your adsense payment? what I got was a different figure to what it says I've earnt. Confused! x

    1. It says that the finalized payment will be different to what it says your earnings will be.Ive read also that your not supposed to encourage clicking,yikes , heres my email address email me when you get a moment.