Friday, 30 March 2012

Good Morning

Just wanted to pop by and say Morning all and Thank you.
Its lovely to see the stats of where you all are.....

I start my new cleaning job this morning ,i spent half the night dreaming i was late for it....Going to see another lady afterwards that just wants a one off clean of her kitchen and bathroom but you never know it might lead to more.
Unexpected bonus hit my account this morning so was able to pay a bit more off the debts which was wonderful.I broke through another barrier this morning the amount owing went into a lower thousand if you get my drift its now 7 something and not 8.I know these figures probably scare most of you to death but compared to where we were this time last year its an amazing reduction.To put it even more prospective Oct last year we owed more than this amount to the tax man alone.This has been achieved by making our own austerity cuts and ploughing every penny into it including a lucky bonus of getting some ppi back.

Must now go and get ready for work (no school run today,which is a good job really with all the panic buying of fuel that's going on in my area) or my dream of being late will come true.

Until later


  1. Congrats on the debt reduction, who would have thought that paying things off could feel as good as spending! You will have it clear in no time, have a good weekend x

  2. Well done on the debt reduction, its hard work but well worth it! Hope the jobs gone well.

    X x

  3. Well done - must be a nice feeling xx

  4. Congrats on the new job and well done for the debt busting! Every little helps as they say.