Friday, 9 March 2012

Something to look forward too

As i mentioned yesterday,i did the ironing at work on Wednesday.

(this is similar to what they use at work)

Well today when i got in i was told they were really pleased with it and would i consider doing it again.
I don't mind it makes a change to sit down and listen to the radio whilst working. Work went ok today,
Good news is I'm not needed on Sunday and it made changing all those beds today more bearable. I have a day off yippee.
What will i do....i think i will jet wash the decking.

a couple of my tomato seeds have started to come through as well as the cabbage .I planted some pepper seeds today so will wait and see if they germinate.

Received my 2 nd swag bucks Amazon voucher today, these are being saved for ink cartridges.

Well i hope your all looking forward to your weekend.
until later


  1. Hi, whatever you do I hope you enjoy your day off.You sound like you work really hard and its nice to have some 'me' time!

  2. Sounds like they were well pleased with you!

    Great news on your seeds. I still have loads to plant!

    X x