Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Evening all

Wasn't it a lovely day today...This afternoon//evening i managed to do some pricking out (is that the correct terminology) Planted some more seeds and just enjoyed being outside.Even though its quite sad that the weather is going to break this weekend its quite a relieve for the 1000s of people doing the half marathon in Reading this Sunday.My son included,this will be his first marathon and hes doing it for charity
So i will be cheering him on Sunday.

Ive just been watching the One Show,they had a little girl on it that survived meningitis. The Dr was saying don't just look out for the obvious symptoms like the rash as this is one of the last symptoms.My eldest daughter contracted viral meningitis 4 years ago.Luckily the Drs caught and treated it very quickly and she made a full recovery.If your ever in doubt contact your Dr and get it checked better to be safe than sorry.


  1. Pricking out is the right term! Yes. But be really careful if a frost is forecast.I have pricked out some of my seedlings but have to cover them in the greenhouse at night because we have had frosts and low temperatures.
    Good luck to your son this weekend. Tony used to run marathons but hurt his hip and has only just started running again.I wish I felt up to doing it!

  2. Hasn't it been lovely? I am sad it will be breaking, but I do understand why your son would want it cooler. It would be a nightmare running in this!

    X x

  3. Best of luck to him for sunday x