Sunday, 15 April 2012

Car boot sale

Today we went to a local car boot sale and boy was it cold.We wandered round for nearly an hour and came away with nothing. I wasn't looking for much only wanted 1 teacup and saucer to make a candle in and couldn't find one on any stall.
After the car boot we went to a garden centre, i wanted some plants which i have had no luck growing from seed.Cucumber and peas also picked up a lovely cherry tomato plant nice and established as mine are still quite small.

As i have said before, really hoping i do well with the veg this year as i have loads started off.
Hows your weekend going, ? Grandchildren are home from Scotland and are coming for dinner so cooking for 7 tonight.

Until later


  1. Shame you didnt get what you wanted from the boot sale.It has been very cold here today too, sunny but a raw wind blowing.Hope your meal goes well, I have had mine round for lunch!

  2. Snap, I was at a Car Boot today too, but on the other side of the table. Sadly, I couldn't have sold you wanted you wanted either.

    Better luck next time.

    Arwedd xx

  3. Hi, I was at one this morning as well trying to buy old fashioned cups and saucers to make up a mis matched set, I found one odd cup and saucer and they wanted £5 for it! I am starting to think ebay works out cheapest even with the postage.

  4. We went to a car boot sale in Suffolk. Bought 4 books (as if I need MORE books ;) and a lamp.

    And some F.R. Eggs which were huge.

    But it was soooooooooo cold when the sun went in.

    Sft x