Tuesday, 17 April 2012


That's not gobbledygook that's the shortened version of the lane i live residents associations.For my sins i was elected onto the steering committee put together to get our water authority to sort out the problems with our sewerage.
Tonight i have been to a meeting and given my jobs for the next couple of weeks...

One good thing has come out of it ,it looks like we are going to have a street party  for the Jubilee my neighbour is arranging that,It will only be a small affair only 28 houses down our lane.

Hope you all had a good day

until later



  1. I dont think we are planning a street party round here.Shame really, but there is a weekend of activities planned at the village green which we will be attending.

  2. We are planning an event in the village, using the school field. The govt regulations surrounding holding parties actually in the street are really complex. Not sure david cameron really wants us to have them!!