Thursday, 5 April 2012

April Shower

Quite a while ago i commented that my water tank was leaking,well when i looked at it today its kind off breaking up (that's a technical term)Well it definitely doesn't look good and as my shower broke a month or so ago i was worried that we were all destined to be very smelly.
Well DD 's boyfriend came to the rescue.Hes training to be an electrician about 2 years into his course.We chose a shower very similar to what we had and whilst i went to visit a potential new customer they went to B &Q  to pick it up for me.Bless him he then fitted it for me I'm very proud and pleased we now have a working shower.The tank does need to be replaced sooner rather than later but hopefully OH will get someone he knows to give us a price.

My potential new customer has turned into a new customer and i start work for her next week,I'm one very happy lady.I'm working tomorrow a 1 off clean which i wouldn't have been able to fit in normally so that will be a bit more money to go to debt busting..

Welcome to my new followers i really appreciate you all dropping by.
Well i hope you all have a lovely evening/day

until later


  1. Lots of good news for you today :-) Have a lovely (non smelly!!) Easter x x

  2. Glad that your blog name won't change to "Never too stinky"!
    Jane x

  3. Glad everything is sorted for you. Have a lovely Easter. Px

  4. Happy new shower!!
    Good news on the extra bit of work too, the debt is going down!

  5. I would so miss my shower. Bet you so relieved its up and working again. Great news about your new client too. Each penny helps reduce those nasty bills.

    Have a great Easter hun.

    X x