Monday, 23 April 2012

Thank you

Thanks you Arwedd at Stepping Out in Faith for nominating for the Liebster award.I'm extremely grateful to everyone for reading my ramblings.I find blogging therapeutic .

I found a cup and saucer on my travels at the weekend so yesterday morning i made my first candle in it,i think it looks rather cute...

Today has been a miserable day in the never too old household in more ways than the weather.
My son has found out in a cruel way( via a text from a friend) that his ex is probably taking his girls to live in Scotland in the say I'm upset is an understatement and to have your son ring you in tears is not something i hope many of you would have to experience.

Hopefully things will change and we would have had this upset for nothing.DD has just said to me why do we have so much upset in our life,it was a question i was unable to answer.

Until later


  1. Thats awful for your son, positive thoughts coming both of your ways and hopefully it is not as bad as he fears x x

  2. Hope the text was WRONG, how sad for your Son. He is lucky to have a Mom who he can turn to