Thursday, 26 April 2012


Today i had an accident at work,I'm OK only my pride was hurt.I came out of a house i was cleaning to empty the bins and went ar*e over t*t.I picked myself up and scurried indoors as quick as i could.
A few bumps,scrapes and bruises but nothing broken.

As most of us already knew we are back in recession,i never knew we had come out of it.It frustrates the life out of me that the TV and radio talk about it all the time.I think this is half the problem, you talk about recession,people stop spending,business's suffer .vicious circle.It makes me even more determined to become debt free.My journey is extremely difficult at the moment with this awful weather OH obviously cant work so hes not earning ,another vicious circle.

This evening i spent a really enjoyable hour and a half sat in my daughters bedroom with her watching Calendar Girls, i had forgotten what a great film that is.She has a double aspect room so the light in there was brilliant for me to do my cross stitch.

Hope you have had a safer day than me.
until next time


  1. Oh hun, I'm glad your ok and its only your pride that you damaged. This weather is pants, very depressing.

    Oh and your spot on with the recession thing, retailers are early struggling to make ends meet.

    X x

  2. I'm glad you are OK and didn't get hurt!
    Here in the US they talk about recession/financial crisis all the time. But then I go to the store and see people filling in their grocery carts with like $200 worth of complete junk. I always wonder where they work that recession doesn't hurt them??? And I'm not a health nut by any means but how many boxed dinners do you really need??

  3. Glad no real harm done!
    I am fed up hearing doom and gloom in the news, everyone I know is having a really tough time at the moment.We are both working for the NHS and have had pay freezes for 3 years as indeed lots of public sector workers so in effect you are worse off year on year.We are more fortunate than lots of people, we have jobs but even they are under threat as the squeeze tightens.I really fear for the future for lots of people.

  4. I love that film - hope you are okay after your tumble xx

  5. That film is a great one..fabulous strong women doing what they have to do.
    Jane x

  6. Media is always telling us what we should feel and think, the recession in our area has never been over. Things are not getting worse but sure no better. Hope you are OK after that fall!!

  7. I hope your bruises are fading.

    Yes, I hadn't heard that we were out of the recession and they tellus we're back!!

    Good job we are all getting our finances sorted and living a more simple lifestyle.

    When you see the folk filling their supermarket trolleys with ready meals and prepared things it makes you wonder how much money they all have/how much debt they are all getting into, how nice to be away from that now.

    Sue xx

  8. Thanks for the comments,im fine now just a few bruises