Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Rain rain go away

I know we need the rain but i wish it wouldn't rain during the day.OH can not work in this weather so whilst it rains hes earning no money very depressing.

Today OH whilst i was at work contacted my eldest daughter and arranged to go and see her at lunch time at work and bless him he took the left over spag bol i made last night for her to warm up for her lunch and boy was she grateful.Food isn't always a priority for her especially this close to her payday.
So i was really pleased he thought of doing this as normally he would feed it to the dog (much to my annoyance).

I'm now about £120 from getting below £7000 on the debt busting front and i cant wait to break through another barrier 6 something definitely sounds better than 7 something.should do it next week.

until later


  1. Bless him, how sweet. Well done on the debt busting.

    X x

  2. We are much the same as I am almost under the £7000 mark too, psychologically I agree its a big deal! x

  3. Kick that debt out the door, congrats to you!

  4. Thats good going under £7000 well done, my dad was a bricklayer and the rain had the same effect on our household as we were growing up.
    Bernie x