Tuesday, 24 April 2012

2nd money saving tip of the day

Thought i would share another money making/saving tip with you.I have mentioned this one before but here's a recap.
McCain (the frozen chip company ) on their website have  various games and recipes which you can earn spud shillings if you play.
Click here

Its simple once a week you log in and go to fun stuff and play the 5 or so games( you don't even have to play  them ,click play or start then go to the next one) for each game you play you get awarded some spud shillings.
Next you go into recipes, click in a recipe and press print( you don't have to print it)
Next you can tweet it. I set up Twitter about a year ago for competitions i don't tweet as a norm.
All these will gradually build up your spud shillings.Once you get to 500 you can redeem them ,obviously the more you have the greater reward.They range from gift vouchers for high street clothes shops, Amazon vouchers.Eating out at places such as TGI Friday's.
Hotel breaks at the Premier Inn,Alton Towers the list goes on.Last year i saved mine for gift vouchers for Arcadia,I gave these to my daughter for Christmas and she hit the Miss Selfridge and Topshop sales.


  1. Very interesting NTO. Thanks.

    Sft x

  2. Thanks I shall be playing daily.

    X x

  3. It's got me hooked already...lol!!

    Sue xx

  4. Hi nto, just read the post about the girls being taken to scotland, what a horrible thing to do and not even speak to your ds first. I hope things improve for you all soon, this horrid rain does'nt help your mood much either does it, chin upx

  5. I've just been reading through lots of your old posts.....brilliant stuff. I've added you to my sidebar, so I can call back more often.

    Sue xx