Thursday, 12 April 2012

Eating out

My OH's Aunt and Uncle are visiting from bonny Scotland,they arrived at MIL's on Tuesday evening.
Last night we all met up to go up for a meal to celebrate their Golden wedding anniversary.This meal was all planned and paid for with Clubcard points.Both MIL and i redeemed £10 worth of points and received a token valid for £40 worth of food each.We had a lovely meal and it was a lovely evening.

I have since been looking at other ways to use Clubcard points and have decided it would be lovely to save them for a couple of nights away.Youngest DD will be 18 in the Autumn so it would be fantastic to be able to pay for us to go away for that.This is what i would like to do.
DD has always loved Butlins we used to take her regular.Butlins are opening another new hotel in the summer so this is where we would like to take her,2 nights incorporating her birthday.I can for every £5 of clubcard vouchers get £15 off Butlins.So i need to get saving my points.My can collecting is going well....I have done an online shop and used all my evouchers so this will give me an additional 200 points.Im so looking forward to see if i can have a break away paid for with clubcard points.So if you see a middle aged lady in Berkshire picking up aluminium cans its probably me.....

DD had another physio appointment today and shes doing really well,she can even try wearing heals again.

OH is out tonight and staying at DS house,hes off to a concert( Christmas present) so a quite evening.

Off to catch up on all your lovely blogs now.

Until later


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely meal out. We love Butlins too and are hoping to go there this year. We like Minehead in Somerset the best and have also been to Bognor Regis xxx

  2. Sounds lovely. We are saving ours up to but not sure what to use them on yet.

    X x

  3. Sounds a brilliant idea and I admire your determination to increase your points.Good luck!

  4. A weekend away sounds an excellent idea

  5. We took the kids with clubcard vouchers the first time we went to butlins when the kids were very young and it paid for the whole lot, we went back to the xmas fantasy break another 3 times, its so nostalgic I want to go back too! Fingers crossed you get enough vouchers, it did'nt pay us to do it that way later on as we could'nt pay in full , and the cheeky wotsits make you pay full brochure price if using vouchers which bumps the price up a lot.Its a lovely idea for a birthday treat!

  6. I collect all of our cans for my Mum and Dad. If I see one on a walk I always pick it up.

    They have about 100 green points now.

    Good luck with saving your points.

    Sft x