Tuesday, 3 April 2012


DS asked me to sort some photos out of his dad for something he is doing for his dads birthday,So i have just been up in the loft going through old photos and all the memories come flooding back (and why i should stick to my diet)I have been with my OH for 29 years next month,where has that time gone..Its not all been plain sailing but lots of happy memories.I'm so glad i have always taken photos.

I met My OH when i was 16 ,he proposed when i was 19, married at 20, 1st child at 21.I wouldn't change it at all but would i want my children to do the same...i don't think so...

Until later


  1. I love photos too and we take loads, especially of the grandchildren.
    Funny how despite how well things turn out we always want different for our kids!

  2. 29 years is a long time! I was married at 21 and had dd at 22, although its worked out ok for us too (16 years this year) the thought of the kids getting married at the same age just seems crazy, its so young.

  3. Marriage is something to be worked hard at as I discovered this year, when hubby and I went through a real rocky patch. We have been married 41 years met when we were 17 engaged at 18 married at 20 and 24 when 1st kid came along.
    Some things are just worth fighting for.....