Friday, 27 April 2012

It must be love

because i have just taken my eldest darling daughter shopping and have spent 2 hours in Asda and i hate shopping.

She is a real browser up and down the aisles backwards and forwards.She was most grateful and it was lovely to spend that long with her even it was food shopping.

Its official Granddaughters are definitely moving to Scotland,end of June at the latest.I feel so sorry for my boy (and for myself) So many people have to be told now.

Until later


  1. I'm so sorry-wish it could be different.

  2. So sorry to hear that. Going to be heartbreaking for you all.

    Karen x

  3. So sorry for your family I know it will break your hearts :(

  4. Oh Hun. I feel for all of you, especially your son. Sending hugs to all.

    X x

  5. :-( Thats really bad news hope your OK x

  6. Thanks for the comments,it makes me want to cry everytime i see them,worse thing is i dont think mum has even told the they are moving.