Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Preparing for Winters.

I know we have just had a really nice spell of weather in the UK all be it only for a week.But in my home town May was the coldest since 1996 and we had our fire lit some evenings.

So with that in mind I'm always on the look out for free wood,So it was great to see a sign on one of journeys of "Free Wood"
I have passed by 3 times and filled my car up with said wood and its now up the side of my house waiting for hubby to cut it up so it can be put in our log store to dry.I'm not sure he is as pleased as i am about this as I've now increased his already busy  schedule .If i could do it i would but he wont let me loose on the petrol chainsaw.
My gas and electric charges currently are costing me over £1500 a year so any amount of time my heating isn't on is going to be a bonus.


  1. Good for you.Always pays to be prepared, autumn and winter have a habit of creeping up on us.

  2. That's exactly what we're up to at the moment, planning ahead for next winter, free fuel is good fuel :-)