Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Light is clearly visible at the end of my tunnel.

Today i made our last payment (hopefully) to HMRC.
A year ago we had them knocking our door and threatening allsorts.The rest of the year was equally as hellish with the visits.

So it fills me with such delight to now have sent the final payment to them.I have phoned and they are looking into the difference in figures and hopefully sort it out,as i said before i have a paper trail so can prove it all my end.
My journey is still ongoing as i have 1 more payment for my car then just 1 more debt (apart from mortgage)  to pay.
Total debt is now £2100 left to pay then its mortgage blitzing time.53 months left on mortgage.


  1. Well done! celebrating with you at seeing the last HMRC payment on its way!!

    90 months left on my mortgage [I think]unless we can manage some overpayments.

    blessings xx

  2. Good for you! I know it's a wonderful feeling!

  3. This is awesome, congratulations!

  4. Well done, you're getting there!

  5. Keep going. That must be one weight lifted off your shoulders. 180 months left on our mortgage, and overpayments are classed as the norm now we have snowballed all our debts.

  6. Wow, thats fantastic well done! 53 months left on the mortgage is not that long either really, plus you will probably get it down even quicker.

  7. Well done.

    There is indeed light at the end of your tunnel.

    Sue xx

  8. Hi nto, you have been quiet lately - hope all is ok x