Monday, 8 July 2013

A special day for more than one reason

Sunday 7th of the 7th will me a memorable day for more than one reason.

Andy Murray won Wimbledon,never  got the opportunity to watch it but lots of people around me were able to keep me updated on the score.

My darling Granddaughter was Christened .She behaved impeccably and didn't mummer at all whilst she was anointed .We had an amazing afternoon sat out where they had the gathering as most people will already know ,our weather is and has been remarkable.I was and am extremely proud of my son of how he is now as a father to all his girls and this showed with how the day went off.
And lastly to see my son and eldest daughter reunited.Many of you who read my ramblings will know the difficult times i have gone through on this mater.
My son without prompting asked me to ask DD if she wanted to come to the Christening she said yes immediately but on the run up the nerves kicked in and i thought she would bottle it.Tense times at the beginning a few tears but she was consoled by my brother but as the afternoon went on things improved and even though i didn't see it a hug was witnessed between the two siblings.I'm welling up just writing it down.
I'm not expecting them to invite each other to coffee mornings but it will be so so nice to have all my family together in the same room...

My thumb is doing ok,its not until something is out of action you realise how much use it is.
i cant turn the ignition on in the car.
do or undo my bra
undo bottles
cut food
spread anything
awkward brushing teeth
and the list goes on

I'm sure later on in the week when the dressing is off and the swelling and bruises have subsided things will be alot easier.

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  1. How wonderful to have your son and daughter reunited.
    I have a brother in Thailand I haven't seen for years. His beautiful daughter made the brave decision to meet up with him on her honeymoon & it went well. I just hope he comes to the UK before it's too late as our mum is 83.

    What a lovely little girl.