Sunday, 21 July 2013

It was Marvellous.....

My DD was given two tickets to marvellous festival 2013.This is an event that happens every year in a country park about 20 mins from my home.Tickets aren't cheap £35 each(per day) and normally the weather is rubbish and i begrudge spending that amount to get wet.
Marvellous is a 2 day event ,music from tribute acts.We were given the tickets late afternoon so arrived just  after 6 pm.Just in time to see Changing Man a tribute to Paul Weller and the Jam.    Brilliant....Looked good and sounded good.
Highlight of my evening was seeing Trextasy.Even though i was only 11 when Marc Bolan died he was my idol.My mum used to put ringlets in my hair with toilet tissue so i could have my hair like his.I have seen these before about 10 years ago,loved them then and they didn't disappoint this time.It was lovely to boogie in the glorious sunshine.
A few pics of my evening.

Another hectic day today,Its my eldest daughters birthday and we are going to a BBQ at hers this afternoon.This morning my son is doing another half marathon so I'm off  to Cheer him on.


  1. Sounds like fun and you had some glorious weather too.

  2. I too loved Marc Bolan - I was 14 when he died but I still love his songs! My husband thinks I'm mad - ha ha!