Thursday, 25 July 2013

Update posted on Facebook from Gary's father

David Tweddle Wrote:
Good morning to all our very kind and supportive friends across the world. Its day 10 now and the search still continues. I will give a full update later in this piece, in the meantime I want to bring to the fore our recognition and gratitude to some amazing human beings, truly amazing and most of you are in that category.

Over the past 10 days more than 1000 people have searched, coordinated and supported the efforts to locate and return Gary safely. Helicopters, planes, dogs and 1000 people from NSW police S&R, The SES (State Emergency Services), Paramedics, Rural Fire Service, Bush Walkers, Riot Squad and many others. Most of these people are volunteers with lives and jobs yet they did 10 days on the bounce, a massive thank you to them, their families and their employers, what can I say.... amazing. I will be forever indebted to Senior Constable Steve Adams and his Management team in the NSW police, I do not have words to encapsulate what an amazing professional job they have done, Mick, Darryl, Paul, Ian and all, THANK YOU. These people have risked their health to work on this, absailing 200m cliff faces, going places that no human has been for 10's of years and generally working far to hard. Please join me in thanking the state of NSW and the Nation of Australia, they could do no more.

Oracle, Gary's employer has been without doubt an incredible support, Michelle and Rebecca HR, Wade from Security and all of Gary's mate and colleagues have worked tirelessly under the direction of Robert (The boss) to make sure no stone is unturned and the family need for nothing. People drive 3 hours a day to search for 6 hours and all of this is coordinated by an outstanding human being Darren Palmer. Darren is a mate of Anika and has not moved from a map table coordinating all the friends, helpers and colleagues that come up here to help. Further proof that humankind is deep and strong.

Bernard and his team here at the Fairmont Resort in the Blue Mountains. The caring and understanding this team has shown to the family has been breathtaking, again we need for nothing and they are so kind and professional it has to be experienced to be believed. Please please please if you are in the area come here and support this resort I will be forever in debt to this place, simply wonderful.

Finally on the subject of thank you........ THANK YOU!!! Thank you for every ounce of support, best wish, X, encouraging comment and everything else you took time to to send us. I would sit at night and read every single one of them, I cannot tell you how much it helped, it has been incredible, we have cried, laughed and experienced every emotion from your comments and mails. It have meant so much to me personally to receive this support, you got me through, you made me get up when I couldn't move, you inspired me to drive this search and thank volunteers and cops when they came in for briefings and lunch. You have contributed beyond your own comprehension. The beer is on Twedz anytime, you have been incredible, please know that. THANK YOU 

This operation moved to a recovery as of lunchtime today, it isn't Search and rescue anymore. Stories of Jamie Neil and 10 days survival are in very very different circumstances to this. Gary was not prepared with resources a Bush walker may have plus the terrain is different. The NSW police will continue to search FOREVER if that is what it takes, WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP HOPE. Please be assured that today there are 60 people out there and tomorrow there will be 50+ and we will keep at this, however we the families need to take some hard decisions and united we are doing that. There is a term, "Step", step dad, step mum, step brother...... there are no "steps" in this family, we are united in every decision and action and the support we have given and received has ensured nobody is alone or hurting alone. Clive, Carol, Michelle, Craig, Amy, Emily, Fraser, William and I will miss our Son and Brother. Anika, Jo, Doug, Beth, Tessa and Max will miss their loved partner and buddy and as a complete unit we will go on looking, hoping and supporting. There is deep love here now.

Finally to my beloved son Gary, I miss and love you unconditionally Gaz. I am so proud of all you have achieved at Oracle and with your private life, the depth of this pride is infinite, you are a true star in all our lives. We have had so many incredible times together in UK, ZA and Goa to name a few and there is nothing I would not give for 1 more second of time with you. Money, possessions and material becomes irrelevant now, its all about time, so my closing message to you my friends is cherish every second you are fortunate enough to have with the people you love. Waste not one moment, be available and show love at every opportunity. I love you so much son, so so much. Dad X


  1. Such an eloquent and sad heart goes out to them :(

  2. What a heartfelt message.So sad, I really pray they find him soon.

  3. Beautifully written message.

  4. What a moving and beautifully written message, they are all in my prayers.