Monday, 1 July 2013

Bucket List

Today i had an email  from Moneysupermaket,inviting me to take part in a competition to win money towards or paying for an item on a Bucket List.

I have already started a Bucket List which if you click on the tab at the top you will see.
Bucket List

I think i can only cross off 1 item on my list so its not an easy list.

The item that i definitely would like to complete sooner rather than later is my picnic.I have had a picnic recently when i took the girls to Legoland but i want to go on one where i can use my wicker picnic baskets a civilised affair with a bottle of wine,that's if i can ever persuade my husband that he can actually drive me not vice versa.
The most expensive item would be my trip to Australia.My big brother lives in Oz and i would truly love to go and visit him.Money is definitely what is stopping me from doing this one seeing its the other side of the world from me its not a cheap trip.

Over to you,here's the link to the competition whats on your Bucket list and whats stopping you from doing some of the things on it

Anyone can enter

1 comment:

  1. I haven't had a picnic since the day I got engaged, almost 16 years ago! I need to put that back on my bucket list.