Monday, 6 January 2014

Expensive year

Why does everything break at the same time....

A few week before Christmas i decided to defrost my old small chest freezer.I have had it 13 years and even though it didn't look pretty and the lid hinges had broken it worked.Well it did until i defrosted it.The lights were on but definitely no one at home.Lost a bit of food but not too much .So i had to go and buy a new one.... Christmas day whilst cooking my Turkey i realised that things weren't quite right with the cooker.I think the thermostat has gone so i will need a new cooker.Dishwasher..i purchased this 2nd hand about 2 years ago and its just not doing its job....wash up i hear you say..My water tank is leaking so i cant have hot water on at the moment(this is a priority job but i have been saying that for the last year )So new dishwasher found in the sales and being delivered on Wednesday...The cooker isn't going to be replaced for the foreseeable future instead i have purchased a combi oven (mini oven died of hard work a few months ago)having a combined oven and microwave has meant OH can take our existing microwave to work.He was a bit gutted about putting his Christmas money into the new one but i did to and i had more to put in .
So expense from the off.So to save every penny i can its time to work my way through the food in my cupboard's and freezers and eliminate waste.
Wish me luck...

Ps did i mention my roof is never rains


  1. Everything comes at once doesn't it ... and then once you think it's safe to put your head above the parapet there's just one more thing waiting to pounce.

    Lets hope that with all your new things they last a long time, or at least pace themselves when next they decided to break down.

  2. Best of luck, sounds like you deserve some.

  3. It does seem to work that way, doesn't it? Sorry you have had so many things out at once. Hoping the new things work for a long time!

  4. Sorry hear about your bad run. For some reason appliances like to give up the ghost in succession. I have a 13 year old stoves cooker, rang them direct and took a prepayment option of £154 for callout, service, repair with parts. The engineer was great replaced the one faulty thermastat which I knew about but also found the other one wasn't at correct temperature either. Both thermastats and switches were replaced. Saved me buying a new oven, which I was very pleased about.

  5. We us it always goes in threes. And always around Christmas too.
    This year so far our Aga went out , but lucky it just needed a service. Which hubby does. My Smeg fridge inside is always wet on the top shelf
    this has gone on for years. Really expensive to replace so it will have to last a bit longer. I just keep wiping it down.
    Whenever money is tight things go wrong......
    Hope you start having some good luck soon.

  6. Typical isn't it?! Our washing machine is playing silly buggers at the moment so unfortunately that will be next to be changed. Lets hope thats the last of your costs for awhile.

    X x