Friday, 21 September 2012

Modern technology

This evening my son emailed me a couple of photos.These photos were taken on his ipad whilst face timing the girls.These amazing inventions enable him to speak to them in real time and see what they are doing.
At the end of the conversation she asked if she could come and live with him,heartbreaking.
We now have just over 3 weeks till we see them and as the visit coincides with DD 's 18th we are going to go away for 2 nights with them. Cant wait.



  1. It must be heartbreaking for all of you concerned.Hope you all have a wonderful time when you get together.

  2. So glad you are seeing them soon, it must feel like an age since you saw them last.

  3. So glad you're going to see them-technology is wonderful isn't it!

  4. This truly us where technology comes into its own. Glad to hear you will be seeing them soon.

    X x

  5. Yey, that 3 weeks will disappear before you know it and then you will be able to stock up on cuddles and kisses. I don't know how I'd manage without technology that allows me to see DD despite her being the other side of the world


  6. I bet you have plenty of coke and chocs for them lol I bet you are counting the days x

  7. Hope you are ok nto, you have been a bit quiet lately x