Sunday, 30 September 2012

Its nice to be missed

Hello (waving from the comfort of her sofa)

I havent really said much over the last week so deserve a smacked wrist as no real excuse for going awol.

So what have i done this week apart from work.

I had a meeting with a builder i FINALLY managed to get hold of after 2 years of chasing.Let me explain.

In July 2007 after a really prolonged and heavy downpour of rain we were flooded.The drains couldn't cope and pushed sewage as well as rainwater in through the airbricks and up through the floorboards.
We cleared it up and contacted the insurance company.Someone came lifted laminate flooring and sprayed something under floorboards.My neighbour who was flooded at same tome was having similar problems.Damp and smelly.
She informed me that she was being moved out for work to be done so i contacted our insurance company again and after a visit from loss adjustor it was agreed that the correct procedure hadn't been followed and we would have to move out so the house could be stripped back,dried out and put back together.

So we moved out at the beg of Dec 2009 into a rented property paid for by the insurance company.Most of our furniture was put into storage and the rest was moved by the luxury of  a removal company.
Work didn't actually start on our house until April 2010.
Floors were lifted,subsoil dried,plaster taken off walls,kitchen removed,partial rewire,damp proof course replaced and so on and so on.We moved back in in September 2010 when we had a kitchen back in and they carried on working in the house until December 2010.
In the new year i called them to come and do some snagging and it was agreed they would come back in the Spring of 2011,This passed and i chased and chased.Finally an appointment was made and he came around on Thursday.I showed him all the bits that had been left and showed him carpets that had been laid very poorly and he has agreed to a new carpet in DD;s bedroom and the decorating finished.

So fingers crossed after 5 and a bit years i might actually get my house finished.

The pictured below are a couple of things that were left or done wrong.

Filler was left in patches all around my bedroom window

The wrong colour paint was used around every socket in the purple bedroom.

I know i could have done this myself but the builder has been paid for this work and i purchased the carpet for my daughters carpet which was laid with a huge snag in it and cut really badly.

so fingers crossed they will be back

until later


  1. Glad you are ok, I can't believe its taken 5 years to sort out the damage thats terrible.

  2. Ahhh you haven't left us lol
    Sound like your on top of everything! How is the shopping coming along?

  3. Hi hun. Glad your ok. Though I must have missed your posts.

    Gosh that has been going on a long time! Bet you will be so pleased when its done.

    X x

  4. Blimey! that's a catalogue and a half, I hope it all gets sorted this time.

  5. wow what an absolute nightmare and builders wonder why they have such a bad reputation. Glad its finally getting sorted for you hopefully x

    Missed you x

  6. What a long drawn out performance, hopefully the end is in sight!

  7. It seems insurance companies are the same the world over