Thursday, 4 October 2012

split tyre

Tuesday evening i made my normal 10pm journey to pick DD up from work.As we were very close to home i felt something was wrong with the car.i limped the final bit home to find rear tyre completely flat.
Out came the compressor and i pumped it up but i could hear the air escaping.Next morning completely flat again so i got my handbook out as the car doesn't have a spare it has this stuff you have to inject into the tyre .Well reading up on it it wasn't going to work so OH said he would take wheel off and take it to get a new one.This is where next problem arose.Wheel nuts are all put on with a machine now and he couldn't budge them.So we now had to resort to plan 3 call the AA out.He was such a nice young man and i will contact the AA to say as much. He took tyre off and even drove OH to get tyre and then came back to put it on.
So day wasn't completely ruined .

Today DD has an appointment at Orthotics to pick up the insoles that have been made for her.We will then have to go and buy her a proper pair of shoes for them to fit into.

Lots of cleaning to be done this morning as we have guests staying this weekend .
HBS with answer to a previous question, shopping went well i wasn't greedy but the spare bedroom is going to look very strange to daughters friend staying in there this weekend.I f they fancy a midnight snack they wont have to go far as long as they like cereal bars lol.


  1. Glad to hear that you managed to sort out the tyre. Have a great weekend. Jx

  2. O dear we were both doing the same on Thursday x