Sunday, 28 October 2012

Getting Old

Last night my OH and i went to a party.We don't often go into "town" and could have quite easily talked ourselves out of going but glad we didn't.It was a great evening and we actually got in later than our 18 year old DD.
So tired today though cant handle late nights especially when you still wake up and a ridiculous hour.

Finally got to meet DD's new friend.Shes seeing him,not a boyfriend.(cant quite get my head around how it all works nowadays.She plays it very cool but hes lovely( and gorgeous) and i hope we see more of him .

Bedtime soon always takes me an age to get used to the clocks going back.



  1. It's good you got to meet DD's new friend. My kids are so secretive. :)

  2. my kids [28 & 30]both have absolutely lovely 'significant others' - consider myself very fortunate [but trying hard not to mention weddings or grandchildren around them]