Thursday, 11 October 2012

Well its Thursday

and i still have a hole in my wall

They never came.OH will have to chase them.

I'm fine there have been a few dramas in my life ,eldest daughter (rightly so) was very upset when she found out we were going away for her sisters birthday.DS is taking his daughters so as he doesn't speak to his sister she was unable to go.I would loved her to go and as normal I'm stuck in the middle.

Debt busting is going well.only £184 left to pay to the inland revenue and £351 for the car.Only  1 more to pay after that.


  1. Well done you with the debt busting, thats great.

  2. Congratulations on the diminishing debt. Jx

  3. Wish I could Follow your lead,everytime I try to save
    something or someones birthday crops up.Well done to you

  4. Well done on the debt busting and sorry to hear that things with DC haven't improved. Hope you have a fabulous time anyway. x