Monday, 5 August 2013

I'm sure my Chickens would pull up a chair and eat with us if they had a chance,We were making the most of the dry weather on Saturday evening and eating in the garden,my in laws were eating with us and the chickens were hovering around their feet just in case they dropped something.

Yesterday much to my husbands disgust we cut,split and stacked the wood i have been collecting.We have now run out of space in our wood store and need to construct or better still OH bring home a storage unit from work(the kind of thing slabs and tiles are delivered on)

Tonight whilst the oven was on i decided to make date and oat recipe recently published on Frugal Queen's blog.Didn't have the stated amount of dates but used what i had and it looks like its worked ok,Its cooling as i type.

I really need to start emptying the contents of my freezer and cupboards as they are bursting,so I'm joining in on Austerity August and I'm going to endeavour to use up and sort out my cupboards.


  1. I must say that date and oat slice looks yummy.

  2. I'm so envious of your chickens!