Saturday, 3 August 2013


Like many of you in blogland i have been reading many articles on foodbanks and food poverty.
So after reading A girl called Jack's blog i decided to do my bit .
Frugal Queen posted on her blog a list of Asda stores that were participating in collecting for The Trussell Trust.Not one of them were near me.I searched to see where my nearest Trussell Trust foodbank was and even though one of them is due to open near me i got no response from the mobile number given for contact.
So i contacted Asda headoffice and asked why i couldn't donate at my local..
The lovely lady explained that it was down to the trust not having the facilities to service every area so the stores were chosen to be near a distribution point,understandable really....BUT i have been reliably informed that all Asda's are acting as a collection point for donations and then the food will be given to a local foodbank.So i popped along yesterday and purchased some items from me and from one of my customers who had wanted to do her bit after i told her what i was doing.(so 2 lots of items in picture)Customer services had been informed so it was nice and easy to pass my donation over.
Today I'm going to take along a few bits Ive sorted out from my cupboards.


  1. Good for you, it would be good if it was made easier for people to donate. My local tesco had a collection a few weeks ago (its a massive "extra" store) but that's the only one I've ever seen. If they set up with volunteers once a month or so I am sure it would be worthwhile.

  2. That is so kind of you to make such an effort, it will go to a very good cause.