Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Geek within

I have been reading lots on forums about the International space station being visible at different times this week in the night sky.So i looked up to see what time it would be visible where i live and yesterday it was
Wed Aug 7, 10:13 PM6 min51°10 above SW11 above E
So DD and i stood out the front to look for it and dead on 10.13 we spotted it,It appears to the naked eye to move fairly quickly.
so some facts
its roughly orbiting 205 miles above us.6 people are on it including 1 is the size and width of a football pitch
jsc2012e219094 -- The International Space Station
Tonight we can see it again and also the HTV4 as well as the ISS .So guess who will be stood outside again.I took a photo you can see what looks like a star.

Thu Aug 8, 9:26 PM6 min37°10 above SW10 above E
Ispot the space station

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  1. Thank you so much for that info! They used to tell you on local radio, many a chilly winters night No.2 son and I were shivering in the garden watching and waiting!!! It's amazing to watch!! Hope for a break in the clouds later!! Many thanks!