Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Day out

I recently won 2 tickets to a craft fair at Stoner Park. (must enter more competitions)
So on Sunday we picked up eldest daughter and head off.The weather wasn't good Sunday morning but the weathermen promised an improvement.

I like this Craft fair you get a wide range of stalls selling items in all price ranges.Lots of free samples and a great chef who is great to watch and you get to try what hes cooked.
I watched 2 of his shows, Venison served with beetroot tartan served on sweet potato mash ,drizzled with a honey and balsamic dressing.DIVINE and it looked so easy.
Also savoury muffins and a parsley and sunflower seed pesto.Cant wait for him to email me the recipe sheet.We also tried peanut butter cookies with m&m.s and girdled pineapple with chili,balsamic vinegar and desiccated coconut who would have thought to put these items together (well i wouldn't)

We spent the rest of the afternoon sat on the grass listening to the live music with the added bonus of seeing the Vulcan bomber fly over,not a planned event we must of been on its flight path.

I only purchased a couple of items,some rapeseed oil and a dish for grating ,,ginger,garlic etc. A simple device but it actually works ,a lot easy than trying to get the bits out of my grater.


  1. The fair looks good. My type of place, esp the food!

  2. I've got the same little garlic grater dish and brush it was a present from my Mum, I've never actually used it, I always forget about it, but the brush came in hand once for washing something fiddly!!

  3. The dish is really pretty as well as useful. Glad that you had a great day. Jx

  4. I have one of these graters but find it really tricky getting the grated garlic out of the "prongs"...did the little brush come with it, & do you use that to get the squished garlic out? I topped using mine because I found it such a bind to scrape out.

    1. Hi Fat Dormouse.the brush came with it and it gets all the squashed stuff out,I have tried it and itwas really easy to use.

  5. thank's for your share i really like your post

  6. Hi hun,

    I have missed your posts and just wanted to check you are ok? x x