Thursday, 15 August 2013

story time

Once upon a time there was little girl who always worked hard at school and always did well.
She took GCSE'S early and passed them and managed to achieve 16 GCSE'S only one of which was a grade C all the rest were A'S & B's.
Even though she has worked hard she has always lacked confidence,always thinks she is going to fail.
A levels for this young lady were difficult she was off school for months when she broke her ankle and didn't get much support from school resulting in missing a practical exam which couldn't be rescheduled until next school year.So the thought of picking up her exams results sent her into a blind panic as she was convinced she had failed.This conviction that she had failed made her change her mind on her future.University was ruled out and apprenticeships were applied for.Her cv is very impressive along with awards at work.She was called for an interview and said she couldn't  decide how she had come across.Well guess what she got it a years apprenticeship with an NVQ (2 a levels) at the end of it.

Today she did go for her results or rather i did.They were opened as i drove and then the tears came....
She had passed them.Geography and Phycology .I had every faith in her as i knew she had worked hard. If school hadn't of cancelled her last practical and said she had to do it during the next school year and just let her do it  we would be looking at 3 passes but we wont dwell on that.

So moral and end of this story is believe in yourself like i believe in you.

Jade you have made me and always have made me very proud.



  1. Ah that's excellent news. Well done Jade. You must be very proud x

  2. Wonderful! Congratulations, Jade!

  3. brilliant! well done Jade.

  4. Huge Congratulations to Jade. Schools make me so mad how they don't support their students, it's somebody's life we're talking about here, yet they just don't seem to understand how important these things are. I firmly believe that things happen for a reason though, so Jade is probably better off doing what she's doing. Apprenticeships are so hard to come by these days so there'll have been lots of people after it and she must have given a fantastic interview. The A levels are the icing on the cake. I can understand why you're very proud of her.

  5. Fantastic news, well done to Jade.

    The greatest thing to learn in life is to have confidence in yourself. To believe you can do what you set out to do and to always stretch yourself to do a little bit more. I hope that by doing so well and achieving what she has achieved Jade will come to realise this at a younger age than so many of us do.

    If YOU believe in yourself others will as well.