Thursday, 22 August 2013

Early start

Today we were up at 2 am  to drive our daughter and her friend to Luton Airport,They have jetted off to Zante for a week of fun and sun.Normally Gatwick is our chosen airport but they didn't have a choice.Travelling wise its the same distance took an hour and 10 mins going,1hr coming home.

Very tired now.

I have set up her phone so she can contact me when she wants and it uses her normal phone allowance.I had a text when she landed and a phone call once they had reached the hotel room.
Apparently it was horrendous,dirty,damp,no balcony,no window and virtually no light in the bathroom.
Now i know budget is budget but budget shouldn't be dirty.The pool had a layer of scum on it so couldn't be used.The rep apologised as soon as they were shown to room.
Me being me told them to talk to rep again at there end,i would see what i could do at my end.
1 phone call made and within an hour they had been moved to another hotel which although basic is a vast improvement and they are 2 happier girls.

Today i had a wine delivery...... 6 bottles for £4.99.and offer that i took advantage of on O2 priority moments.£40 off a box of wine,a box of wine which happened to be on offer for you guessed it £40( it has since gone up by £9) so postage was £4.99.

Today sees the arrival of at least 80000 people to my town,which i completely forgot about until i was caught in the traffic.Tesco was impossible to get in but I'm not complaining the festival brings alot of money to the town and doesn't cause too much trouble.

The picture above is outside of Tesco a dj playing in a car.


  1. I'm glad you managed to get the girls moved. You're right that basic shouldnt mean dirty. Tony and I went self catering in Greece a few years ago now on a tight budget.It was awful,we made the best of it but maybe we should have complained too.

  2. You did well to get them moved to a better hotel, you are right budget should not mean dismal and dirty it should just mean clean and basic.

    Wow ... great deal on the wine!!

    We went to Waitrose near Reading and discovered it was the place to pick up the free bus to the Festival from the little local station, there were lots of Festival goers stocking up with wine, cans and Pringles to take with them. We sat and had a coffee and Lovely Hubby had a very pleasant 15 minutes watching all the lovely young girls with short shorts on :-)