Thursday, 30 August 2012

Wedding Anniversary

Today is my 26th Wedding Anniversary.I came down to bunting that DD had put up.Its not clear in the photo but it says Mum & Dad..

My daughter is really struggling with the weather at the moment its taking a while for her to climatise again.Yesterday here it was 12 degrees.Zante had reached the dizzy heights of 42.Its lovely to hear her stories of her holiday and what a great time she had and nice to know that even though i wasn't with her my voice popped into her head on many occasions.She went with 5 other girls and was the only one that didn't have a henna tattoo and the only one that didn't try the laughing gas she doesn't submit to pressure in that sense and had a fantastic memorable (for all the right reasons) holiday.

I never did girly holidays i met OH when i was 16 and married at 20 .I cant remember (that far back) if I just didn't do it or it wasn't actually done but i encourage my children to do as much as they can whilst they are able too.

Quick question to all you other bloggers,do your family read what you write ,do you want them to ?
Until later


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both. Both my sisters and my daughter read my blog. Hubby doesn't really unless I ask him if he's read it lately. Normally jog him when I've posted about our holiday or special occasions. I'm quite happy for them all to read it though. Do your family read it? Enjoy your day.
    Patricia x

  2. Happy wedding anniversary to you both. That's an amazing feat in this day and age.

    My family don't read what I write (as far as I know) and I like it that way. Not that I would ever write anything they weren't happy with, but I like having my own little space to be me.

    X x

  3. Happy Anniversary! I hope the weather is nicer for you today and that you have a lovely time. My family are completely dis-interested in my blog. Mark just likes the quiet time it gives him on the playstation!

  4. Happy anniversary my dear, hope you have a great day.

    I know I'm not a blogger but I'd be mortified if my OH in particular or probably some others of my family read my postings. Its my "me" time and as I treat it like a real diary, I'm brutally honest in it. Probably best that its not read by anyone that knows me LOL. Luckily OH is such a technophobe, unless I dropped it under his nose, he'd never find it x

  5. I've been told by those people I know who read my blog that...
    My family - grown up and miles away- read the blog to find out what I am doing
    My friends at church read it to see if they get a mention
    My teaching colleagues read it to borrow my ideas

    Happy Anniversary - no, I don't think we ordinary mortals did girlie holidays back then! I am stunned at the things my daughters have achieved and the places they have visited

    blessings xx