Monday, 13 August 2012

Poorly dog

For the last few days our dog has been under the weather.Shes over 10 now so we put it down to age and the heat.She was off her food and just lazier than normal.We knew something was amiss last night when we let the chickens roam the whole garden and she just sat and watched them.
This morning i phoned the vets and an appointment was made to take her in.He did a thorough examination and declared he couldn't see anything obviously wrong with her but even though her lungs were clear her breathing is very laboured which he is worried about.He said he could run lots of tests but each test is very expensive as he doesn't have a starting point.Apparently Staffs are very good at hiding pain and have strong muscles so you don't get an ouch when prodding.He thinks it might be just old age creeping up on her.So we opted for a couple of injections to see if that is the pick me up she needs Those 2 little injections and the visit cost us £55.
I signed up to noodle today to look at my credit report and was pleasantly surprised nothing majorly wrong on it.terribly low credit score but i suppose you have to have credit and be paying credit off to to get a higher score.As i have mentioned before most debts are my husbands run up through work but whats his is mine and vice versa.

Its turned into a miserable day today .DD has just rung me from Ibiza shes enjoying herself but misses me being over with her( this is a holiday my girls and i used to do on our own )
Hope you are all ok

until later


  1. Oh I do hope your dog gets better soon. It's horrible when you don't know what's wrong and they can't tell you. Hopefully those injections might do the trick. Us humans have days when we're off colour too.

  2. Hugs re poorly dog ((((hugs))))

    Bless DD for letting you know you are missed :)


  3. I hope your dog gets better soon!

    That sounds nice holidays just the girls I think I may have to adopt that as soon as Cerys and Georgia are old enough or maybe a spa date each year. I'm sure in a few years my husband will be off for boys trips with Lewis (i dread to think!).