Saturday, 4 August 2012

Catch up

Friday finally saw me catch up with my work,for the last 2 weeks i have had to rearrange my work to fit in with my Paris trip and then this week my daughters Othotics appointment.So no money lost.
My daughters appointment went well,she has been told she will need an operation in her 40's as he said her tendon will snap but that's a long way off for her.Moulds were taken so she can have insteps for shoes but this does mean she has to have proper shoes for them to go into it.We will go to Clarkes and get some for her for work so they can go in them.
Have been spending my time recently trying to decluter a few things have been put on Freecycle and i have had a mass paper shredding session.Toys will be hopefully going into the loft later so i can sort out the spare room again.We should be having a decorator coming in sometime this month to finish off work that was never completed when we were moved out because of flooding.We still have filler on walls and patches of the wrong coloured paint on walls.

Have been picking a few things from my garden which have now been frozen for future use,I'm not getting as much as i hoped but the weather has been hit and miss.Tomatoes are very slow.

I have put a wanted ad on freecycle to see if i can get some DK baby wool oddments for my blanket so i can do more on that but no luck so far but i life in hope.

Hope you are all having a productive weekend.

Until later


  1. Sounds like you have been busy. I must admit to being quite lazy today. I am shattered still form work and have just chilled watching the olympics.

    X x

  2. Next time I'm in Plymouth I will see if I have any wool and send you some (if its still there!). I also have some matinee coats which could be unpicked lots of white ones but I think I may have also have some yellow knitted baby cardigans which again could be unpicked. I had lots knitted when I was having Cerys and some more when I had Georgia. If they would be any good let me know and I will see what I can dig out.