Friday, 24 August 2012

Who do you think you are?

I have been researching my family tree for many years.At the moment are showing the 1911 census free so this has helped and i have also taken up a free trial on this site so i can search for family members.Some branches of the family have been easy,  very easy as they are documented in places like wikipedia and the peerage sites.I seem to come from a long line of Hon and Rt Hon people.I have always known about the Moncktons ,my great aunt married a Monckton and her son was Walter Monckton adviser to King Edward at the time of the abdication.This line follows down to people like the Lawsons yes Nigella sits in my family tree.It all makes very interesting reading.
Closer to home is harder to find.Cant find my grandads parents at all.

This week has been very strange,Sunday my eldest brother rang me now i haven't seen him or his family for 24 years since my mums funeral.He dips in and out of our life's occasionally answering calls and occasionally making calls.The time we have been apart never seems to matter when i speak to him i have always adored my brothers and always will.
Also had a message this week to say next brother down was making a fleeting visit to us hes over from Australia where he has lived for many years.It was truly wonderful to catch up with him and I'm hoping we will get the opportunity to take my daughters to go and see him before he flies home.
So that's my week.House is so quite no dog and DD away on holiday until Monday.
My hometown wont be quite though yesterday started to see the arrival of about 80 to 100000 people for The Reading festival.It puts our town on the map and boosts the local community financially and considering so many people around never normally much trouble and guess what they forecast rain that will make a change.

until later


  1. We could hear the music from the the festival when we got off the train just now.

  2. Hi just catching up! Do you think our husbands could be related my negative husband thinks I do nothing while hes running around working lol

  3. My sister us going this too. She finds it fascinating. Hope your feeling a bit brighter now. If its any conciliation my house is exactly the same.

    X x

  4. Lovely that you have heard from your brothers this week. My brother is the same, drops in and out of my life at a whim. At the moment he's out :( When he's in, I hear from him regularly. I think he's out because I speak to my dad, he hates him, quite rightly so sadly, and although I try not to mention him when we talk sometimes it just happens. I worry about him as he has a hard life but send Xmas and birthday cards and occasional emails, all which are currently going unanswered. Never mind, one day he'll be in again.